Project Description

Build greater staff satisfaction and promote a quiet, healing environment for residents by reducing noise.

Empower and strengthen families’ engagement by helping them direct requests to appropriate staff. Reassure family members about the resident’s safety and security with continuous tracking of location.

Help ensure the residents’ safety by visually identifying fall risks via multiple displays, 2-way communication from resident’s bed and toilet, delivering automatic rounding reminders.

Help guarantee compliance with Medicare VBP programs and improve interdepartmental communications —  including housekeeping, EVS, and transport.  Identify over-burdened staff situations for rapid mitigation.

Monitor and trend critical activities for continuous improvement to help avoid readmissions, prevent pressure ulcers, and manage control of infectious residents. Help prevent wandering-related injuries and associated liabilities.

Receive timely, onsite delivery of clinical design, implementation and application services and support. Get your staff up to speed quickly and successfully through Responder training which is continually refreshed based on field experience and ongoing R&D enhancements.

Already a leader in the acute care market, Rauland has extended its capabilities to this underserved market with an elegant new technology platform.   Once installed at a facility, Responder 5000 can help keep communications and information flowing efficiently, manage workflows and staff more effectively while improving staff retention, and make a positive impact on the life of residents and staff.

For Patient Care:

Flexible integrations to wireless phones, RTLS and EMR share critical information, including pain management, across multiple systems can eliminate wasted steps and let you focus on what you do best – caring for your patients.

For Communications:

Intelligent call routing, with fast, direct patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communication, ensures the right call gets to the right person right away. The Responder intelligent nurse call system improves your communication flow to increase accuracy and decrease response time, errors and wasted effort.

For the Bottom Line:

Sophisticated reporting packages in Responder’s intelligent nurse call solution gather data seamlessly for easier decision-making about patient care. Real-time intelligence helps measure performance against goals, improve patient satisfaction scores, and identify unit efficiencies and strengths.

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